ABout Me


Hello, I am Matthias Selisky, a neuropsychologist with several years of experience in studying the human mind. I created this blog to write about consciousness and explore what we can do with it in this time we live in.

As long as I can remember I was puzzled about the question who or what I am. During my studies I quickly realized that science probably isn’t able to answer the fundamental question „what is consciousness?“ as its methods are not suitable to close the epistemic gap; to solve the mystery of perception.

So I dedicated my life to explore other questions like:

  • How can I hack the brain to make the mind better?
  • How does society and my environment affect my way of thinking?
  • How does the digital revolution affect our cognition?
  • What can science tell us about who we are?
  • Will machines be able to think?


I see fantastic technological developments like deep brain stimulation, neurochips that enhance memory and stem cell injections that can increase the number of neurons in the brain. We live at the brink of an age where we can augment the human brain and expand our consciousness with technology. At the same time the human mind is under threat of becoming obsolete due to rapid progress in artificial intelligence. All those streams that will shape our future I explore in this blog.

Advances in the digital world have led to a way of living in the west that is dramatically different from the world our brains evolved for. I explore how we can cope in this environment where millions of products are designed to be sold and consumed, but not to make us happy.

New scientific findings have dramatic impact about the way we think about the world and ourselves. I always have an eye on the newest insights of neuroscience and explain how they might answer philosophical questions that are debated for centuries.

If you are interested in these topics, this blog is for you.